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did you mean: Drop Dead Gorgeous
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Tao's annoying singing late in the night
MC: (To Lay) So do you dance or sing in your room or living room to the extent whereby no one can stand it and goes "Can you stop singing?! I'm trying to sleep!"
Kris: It's someone else
MC: Do you practice martial arts or sing in the living room?!
Tao: I sing ....
MC: To the extent whereby no one can stand it, am I right?
Tao: It's not because my singing is really horrible but because I practice for a too long period of time
MC: So what happens when the other members want to sleep?
Tao: At times I'll run to tell them that if they find me too noisy they can tell me and I'll stop singing but no one comes to tell me that
Members: That's because you have your headphones on and can't hear us!
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Not wearing socks #YOLO
Forever alone #SOLO
Marco #POLO
Condom broke #OHNO
Forever trollin’ #TROLLOL
You like men? #HOMO
Bitches be crazy #FOSHO
Cold outside? Drink hot #COCO
Got no house #HOBO
Toy on a string #YOYO
Villain in power puff girls #MOJOJOJO
Dont get caught by the #POPO
It’s not funny to get hit in the #ELBO
Can I touch ya boob? #NONO

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Korea is the gayest homophobic country on earth

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