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cr: Higher_n_higher

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au meme: Yunho / Jaejoong · (angst requested by yunporn)Don’t fall in love. You absolutely cannot, he tells himself but then Jaejoong smiles, and Yunho falls in love.
“I want to be famous,” Jaejoong says, as they lie on the rooftop together during their last semester of high school. “I want to be noticed, and loved.” Yunho nods and laughs - doesn’t think much of it. ”But don’t worry, Yunnie-ya, you’ll still be my best friend when i’m at the top!” 
It happens. The calls are frequent at first, even after he moves, Jaejoong calling every week with stories and, “Hey, i’m going to be in this month’s or the next month’s magazine!” Yunho buys everything he’s featured in. It’s like that for months, enthusiastic exchanges, but eventually over the years there’s a decline in phone calls before they stop coming altogether. They become busy with their own separate lives, and Yunho stops waiting. We became strangers, strangers with a long history (but maybe I didn’t know you at all).
In the spring there’s a call from a private number. It’s static at first but then comes a too familiar voice and he drops his law textbook on the floor. “Hey Yunho-ya, it’s Jaejoong.”
A momentary pause before, “I know,” and he hears his unspoken thoughts above the silence that falls immediately afterwards. He wonders how they ended up like this, awkward and unfamiliar, tension gnawing at his insides.
It’s the last call Yunho ever gets from Jaejoong.
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51/100 Pictures of 吴凡 "Kris"
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i went shopping today and i was in the fitting room trying on some stuff and suddenly a man opens the door and i didn’t have any pants at the moment lol. yeah it would’ve been ok if that guy just had said sorry and closed the door but no he apparently was a tourist and he started to chat with me about the attractions of the city and something about some sightseeing bus and i just stood there without pants like uhm excuse me sir

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